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Top 10 Tips to Stay Safe This Festive Season

After last year’s festive lockdown, an unrelentingly tough year and now the ongoing uncertainty of ‘Covid Christmas №2’, it might be tempting to push the boat out this Hogmanay and party hard. Good intentions can be quickly forgotten as nights out — and nights in — lead to partying with friends and over-indulgence. So, whether meeting up with familyContinue reading “Top 10 Tips to Stay Safe This Festive Season”

Let’s Talk

Mags Mackenzie is CEO of Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol (DACA), this is her personal opinion on the need for honest talking between alcohol and mental health services. When you work in a community alcohol service you become accustomed to encountering people who are in a very dark place. Some of the people who findContinue reading “Let’s Talk”

Days Like This

‘When it’s not always raining there’ll be days like this’ As we try to navigate ourselves safely out of lockdown, those worry-free days which Van Morrison’s mama told him about seem few and far between. The rain definitely doesn’t help, but it’s more than Scottish Summer blues that is seeing our referral rates rocket for theContinue reading “Days Like This”

Is It Time To Cool It For Covid?

Is Covid-19 leading you to rethink your drinking? Or are you drinking to avoid thinking? The global pandemic appears to be dividing people into two camps — those steering clear of alcohol or drastically limiting their drinking until it’s all over, and those in search of solace at the bottom of a glass or bottle. At DACAContinue reading “Is It Time To Cool It For Covid?”

Recovery In A Time of Crisis

How To Help Yourself and Others For many people struggling with a drink problem, social isolation is familiar territory. It’s not unusual for close relationships to become distant and estranged, as the ripple effect of addiction scours through the lives of those it touches. Many drinkers self-isolate for years as a way to hide the scaleContinue reading “Recovery In A Time of Crisis”

New Year, New You?

Did you kickstart 2020 with a Dry January? If so we hope you are enjoying the benefits and we’d love to hear how you got on. Two members of our team signed up for the national month-long alcohol-free challenge and within a couple of weeks were already noticing the benefits. Reset Regular Maryanne is aContinue reading “New Year, New You?”

Want to Save Money, Lose Weight and Sleep Better?

As we bid farewell to 2019 and look forward to not just a new year but the dawn of a new decade many of us reflect on what we would like to do differently. Personal health and fitness are usually top of our lists. Gym memberships are renewed, walking and cycling gear dusted down andContinue reading “Want to Save Money, Lose Weight and Sleep Better?”

A Manifesto To Tackle Alcohol Harm

At Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol (DACA), we see first-hand the human cost of alcohol harm. We see people suffering with chronic poor health, dying well before their time. We see spouses struggling to stay together as the ripple effect of a partner’s drinking takes its toll. We see children separated from their parents becauseContinue reading “A Manifesto To Tackle Alcohol Harm”

Alcohol & Me…Christopher’s Story

For most young people drinking is about going out and getting off your head and then when you sober up the next day you just get on with your business. From the outside my drinking probably looked the same as this but when others went to get on with their lives I just wanted toContinue reading “Alcohol & Me…Christopher’s Story”