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Top 10 Tips to Stay Safe This Festive Season

After last year’s festive lockdown, an unrelentingly tough year and now the ongoing uncertainty of ‘Covid Christmas №2’, it might be tempting to push the boat out this Hogmanay and party hard.

Good intentions can be quickly forgotten as nights out — and nights in — lead to partying with friends and over-indulgence.

So, whether meeting up with family and friends or having a solo Hogmanay it can help to have a plan in place to limit your alcohol consumption.

If you feel your liver is pleading for some time out here are our Top 10 sensible drinking tips to stay safe this festive season.

1. Treat yourself to some tasty non-alcoholic alternatives, there are plenty of alcohol-free lagers, wines, and even spirits to choose from these days.

2. Have at least three alcohol-free days during the week — your body needs it to recover.

3. Avoid having a drink before going out and try joining the party later so you have less drinking time.

4. Don’t drink on an empty stomach — eat first, drink slowly and pace your drinks by spacing them out with soft drinks.

5. If you’re drinking, leave the car at home. There is no safe drinking limit before you get behind the wheel.

6. Don’t drive too soon after a heavy night. It takes time for your body to process alcohol so you could still be over the limit the following morning.

7. If you over-indulge on the booze, don’t start cooking and make sure all cooking appliances, candles and festive lights are switched off before going to sleep.

8. Treat yourself to a drink-free day out either with friends and family or for some peace and quiet. There are no shortage of walks and cycle paths right here on our doorstep in West Dunbartonshire. Or if the great outdoors is not your thing how about a trip to the cinema, a spa or museum?

9. Prepare a reason why you are not drinking if you think friends or family will put you under pressure. Get comfortable saying it, and don’t ever worry about calling someone out if they’re ‘sober shaming’ you. The problem lies with them, not you.

10. Offer to be the nominated driver in return for free soft drinks — it’s a win-win for everyone.

And if 2022 feels like the year you want to start cutting back or taking a break from the booze altogether, please give DACA a call.

Our team offers a range of support services which are available to anyone struggling with their own or a loved one’s drinking.

So why not make your New Year’s resolution to give us a call on 01389 731456 or 0141 9520881, we’re here to help and would love to hear from you.

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